Lay Leadership
Leader: David Dorroh

Central United Methodist Church

Newberry, SC

Lay Reader Guidelines

  1. An advance schedule will be provided you for assigned Sundays in which you are asked to read with assigned lessons as well.  If a date is not convenient, then please feel free to switch with another reader & notify the church office.
  2. Prepare in advance by reading & reviewing your assigned scripture passage.  Check especially for any words or proper names for which you are unaware of the proper pronunciation.  However, do not over practice.  Perfection is not expected.
  3. Dress is appropriate to your tastes but remember these are services of sacred & holy worship.
  4. You may find a computer based Bible is helpful where font size can be increased as you wish.  If you have a computer tablet, then you may read from it.  The lectern Bible is available in the sanctuary to read from as well.
  5. When reading in the traditional services or In the contemporary service sit near the front so that you may come forward efficiently.
  6. Adjust the microphone to a level which is appropriate to your height.  Speak clearly & directly into the microphone.  Relax if you make a mistake.
  7. Introduce the passage by reading the name of the Biblical book and the reading’s placement (chapter and verses).  A very brief introduction is effective but it not at all required.  Read with feeling and emotion.
  8. HAVE THE CONGREGATION STAND ONLY FOR THE READING OF ONE OF THE GOSPELS:  Matthew, Mark, Luke or John.  For all other Biblical books, the congregation may be seated.
  9. CRITICAL:  Read more slowly & loudly than you would in ordinary conversation.  Do not rush when reading.  Do not keep your head down.  Keep your head up and look around at the congregation.
  10. After the reading, lead the congregation in the appropriate response as is listed in the worship bulletin (for the traditional services).  If a Gospel lesson has been read, then ask the congregation to be seated.

Thanks greatly for offering to read the word of God to the people of God!  You will find this service most enriching & deepening of your spiritual life!


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  January 2018  
Upcoming Events




Wednesday Morning Bible Study
10:30 AM to 11:30 AM
WEDNESDAY MORNING BIBLE STUDY. Everyone is invited to join the group which meets each Wednesday at 10:30 am in the library. We are continu-ing our Advent Study entitled “Faith, through the eyes of Joseph” by Adam Hamilton. This week’s session is “Whose Child Is This”; Leader: Audrey Henry.
New Ventures Planning Lunch
12:00 PM to 1:30 PM
NEW VENTURES (our ministry for those over 50) would like for you to join us on Wednesday, January 24, 2018 at 12 noon for a light lunch in Henry Hall. This fellowship will be a planning session for 2018; so please bring any information and ideas on activities/events we may attend. Sign up in your SS class or by calling the church office (803) 276-3903, Hannah Davis at (803) 271-6736 or Frances Berry (803) 924-4762. Sign up deadline is 12 noon, January 21.
Chancel Choir
7:30 PM to 8:30 PM
Meets in the choir room. All are welcome!


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